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    Regardless of the place, or if you are relocating to a house or apartment, there are 5 things to do after moving. Only after you are finished with them, you can restart your normal routine. Some of the things you can do before moving companies DC area arrive with your things. Some you will have to do afterward. Still, you will have to complete all of them. They are part of settling down in your new home. Only when you are done with this part, you can explore your new city. So, let us see what you must do. And at which order to do it.

    Cleaning your new home after moving

    You can clean your new home after the move. However, the best is to do it before the arrival of your belongings. While your home is still empty, it will be easier to clean it thoroughly. You can do it on your own. Or you can hire professional help. There are many good cleaning services in Arlington. Also, they will send over a few people. So, the cleaning will go much faster. Moreover, they have all the cleaning solutions and appliances. The additional reason to hire a cleaning service is to preserve your strength. You are already exhausted by the preparations period. And you will need to continue with unpacking after the moving companies Arlington VA come with your belongings.

    Things to do after moving – a man, a woman and a dog are sitting on the floor in an empty room.
    Waiting for movers to arrive.

    Unpacking is one of the things to do

    People are usually very tired after the preparations period. So, it can be easily that you are tired too. If so, unpack the essentials first. The important is to have one or two resting days. Also, you need a good night’s sleep. So, unpacking the essentials, you will have the possibility to take shower, get clean clothes, and rest. However, understand this as a short break. Soon you regain the strength, start with unpacking. You for sure don’t want to live among cardboard boxes for weeks after the move. And sooner you complete unpacking, the sooner you will start to feel at home. Also, don’t forget that you will soon have to report to work. And that you have all new town to explore.

    Check your utility supplies after the moving

    One of the things you should do as a part of the preparation was to contact the utility companies. So, hopefully, you will have all utilities available already on a relocation day. However, certain utilities could be still shut off. So, it can happen that you have internet but no running water. There could be two reasons for that. Maybe the utility company didn’t react timely. If so, you must give them a call. Or they did their part, and you just need to find the house water shutoff. The same case you can have with gas, and electricity supplies. So, you will just need to turn them on. 

    In case you move into the apartment building, find the handyman. Or the building manager. They have the access to the main building shutoffs. Also, the shutoff for the apartments may be at the same place. So, they will help you to restart water, gas, and electrical supplies. At the same time, you can ask them about the internet and cable TV. Some apartment buildings are providing it to the tenants free of charge.

    Keys hanging from the lock of the blue and white entrance door.
    After the move, it is good to change the entrance door lock.

    Changes, updates, and transfers you should do after relocating to Arlington

    After the local movers Northern VA unload your belongings, you will have to secure your new Arlington home. If you have moved into a house, it is advisable to change the door locks. It is also good to set up a new security system. Those precaution measures are not necessary for the apartment building. However, recheck it with the building management. The other things you will have to take care of are:

    • Inform your bank and IRS about your new address
    • Change your address in the post office
    • Update your vote registration
    • Also, inform the DMV about the address change. They will need to add your current address to your licenses. And you will need it to register your car in VA
    • Update your car insurance
    • Transfer medical records of you and your family
    • Submit your relocation receipts to your company (many companies are reimbursing the costs when you move due to the job)
    • Find the best commuting line
    • Get to know your neighbors

    Accommodate your surplus items after moving

    While unpacking, you may find out that your new home or apartment is smaller. So, you will not be able to accommodate all your possessions. In this case, decide what items you are not using so often. Also, some of your furniture will show too big for your new home. All such things you can accommodate with storage services VA. Some of those items you can later on move into your new accommodation. Some of them, especially those that are too big, you can sell. Instead of them, you can buy matching furniture. However, before you find buyers, you can keep them in clean, reliable, and safe storage.  

    Things to do after moving - changing of the guard at Arlington National Cemetery.
    There are many interesting places to visit in Arlington.

    Once you are done with those things, it is time to explore Arlington

    People may have various reasons to move to this nice city. However, they are mostly relocating due to the rich job market. This city, located at Potomac River, has a nice and relaxing suburban living style. And you need just to cross the bridge and reach Washington DC.

    However, living in Arlington is not cheap. According to the latest research, the housing costs are 134% higher than the national average. This means that the median asking price is about $810,000. If you decide to rent, it will cost you about $2,500 a month. As well, the costs of transportation, groceries, and medical care are high. On the other hand, utility prices are 11% lower than the national average.

    Arlington has many nice neighborhoods that you should explore

    Each Arlington neighborhood is different. And each neighborhood has its own charm. So, after you settle down, you can go and explore them. The most popular Arlington neighborhoods are:

    • National Landing
    • Arlington Ridge
    • Bluemont
    • Clarendon-Courthouse
    • Lyon Village
    • Rosslyn
    • Shirlington
    • Yorktown

    Other Arlington’s interesting places you can visit

    There are many more things to do after moving to Arlington. The place is full of monuments. It has numerous outdoor places for walking and sports. Here are some of the popular Arlington places that you should visit:

    • Arlington National Cemetery
    • 9/11 Memorial
    • Mt. Vernon Trail
    • Signature Theater and the Twilight Tattoo
    • Village at Shirlington or Ballston Quarter
    • Ambar Clarendon and Yayla Bistro

    Also, you can enjoy yourself in many restaurants. Or you can go shopping. Following the Arlington government site, you will always stay informed about the city events.

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