5 Tips for Packing Bedding and Linens for a Move

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    There are all kinds of challenges when it comes to the moving process. One of them is the task of packing. After all, packing is something you should really focus on in order to have a smooth relocation. Of course, you can always decide to look into the packing service in Northern Virginia. However, you can also decide to do it yourself. If you are one of the people that will DIY, here are the most important tips for packing bedding and linens for a move.

    Why does packing bedding and linens for a move need special attention?

    When we think about items that are difficult to pack, usually we think of fragile and expensive items. No one will look at linens or bedding and think “This will be hard to pack”. We actually agree with that statement, but only until a certain point. Packing these items isn’t hard, and you can do it long before contacting any of the moving companies Northern VA residents recommended. However, it’s still important to pack them properly, if you want to:

    • Save space. Properly packing these items will save you a lot of space. And trust us when we say that moving to have more space means a lot. It will open up the room to fit other items that would otherwise be impossible to fit in.
    • Eliminate moisture and mold: believe it or not, it is extremely easy for linens and bedding to become moldy. That’s because they easily retain moisture, which is hard to get out. Especially if you don’t take precautions when packing. This can, in turn, spread mold on other articles of clothing or furniture.
    • Keep the insects out: No one likes uninvited guests. Especially if those guests are insects that can damage not only your linens but other clothes and furniture. Even though it’s not that common to get insects on your linen if you don’t pack it properly, it is not impossible.
     Packing Bedding and Linens for a Move in the wrong way can make them accessible to insects
    Packing bedding and linens for a move is important. If it isn’t properly packed it can be infected by insects.

    How to pack bedding and linens for the move properly

    When it comes to bedding, you should start in one room and then go to the next. Or, to be more precise, you should pack one room at a time in order to make sure everything is packed well. But if you wish to do it, you can also pack all of the bedding together. For this, you will need big boxes. Do keep in mind that this will be heavy! A lot of things being in one box can at times be hard to carry around. You can also store these boxes in the self storage Lorton VA movers offer. For both storage and the move, you will need to line the bottom of the boxes with paper. Start by placing items one after the other, neatly folded. On top, place one more layer of paper before sealing the box and labeling it. Here’s a quick step-by–step guide:

    1. Find packing supplies like boxes, tape, and labels…)
    2. Secure the box bottom and place paper
    3. Fold the bedding, but keep in mind it should be clean!
    4. Place bedding in the box, but make sure not to fill it too much)
    5. Put the paper on top and seal the box
    A man folding bedding
    Make sure that everything is nice and clean before folding it properly.

    Packing drapes and curtains

    Next on the list are drapes and curtains. These are also some of the things that people would rather leave to  interstate movers northern Virginia residents recommend. But at the end of the day, they still often do it themselves. That’s exactly why we decided to help you out with them as well. Packing bedding and linens for a move is a lot easier when you know what you need to do. When it comes to drapes and curtains, before you start packing them, you need to clean them! After cleaning them, you should hang them lengthwise. This way, you will prevent wrinkles. You can wrap them around cartons in order to make sure they are not too wrinkled. But keep in mind that if you place too many in a box, it will be too heavy to move.


    We decided to also explain how you can move your rug! When it comes to rugs you will need to vacuum and wash them before you even attempt to pack them. For larger rugs we recommend you roll them up and wrap them in plastic. This way they can be easily transported. Of course, more than just a few people decide to leave rugs to professional packers. Especially in cases where rugs cost quite a lot of money! If you on the other side decide to send them to the cleaners don’t unroll them afterward! Leave them rolled up, especially if it is a larger rug, as sometimes it will take two people to roll one large rug.

    A woman on a rug
    Rugs can sometimes be hard to fold if they are too big. So make sure to have help when dealing with them.

    Dont rush!

    No matter how we look at it, packing bedding and linens for a move is not that hard. These things are some of the easiest to pack. But many people don’t pack them well because they fail to realize their importance. We do understand that people prefer to concentrate on fragile items. But that doesn’t mean you should be blind to the damages that can happen if other items are not packed properly. Almost everything we own has some tricky aspects to packing or some possible risks. That’s exactly why professionals exist! The best way to avoid the risks is to take your time and pack slowly. If you have anything you are confused about, ask people or look it up online.

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