Best places in Northern Virginia for a peaceful retirement

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    If you are looking for a place to retire, but don’t know where to begin, do not worry. Today, Northern Virginia Movers will tell you the best places in Northern Virginia for a peaceful retirement. You will find a lot of interesting activities for seniors, as well as learn what you can expect from these places. Each of these cities has good affordability, great energy, and is senior-friendly. Whichever city you choose, you will be choosing from the best ones in Northern Virginia!

    Best places in Northern Virginia for a peaceful retirement

    Looking for the perfect retirement destination in Virginia can be hard. There are numerous great places to choose from, and it is not easy to make a final decision. It is vital to decide where to move to before contacting your movers Fort Belvoir VA. Northern Virginia is a state filled with history, offers numerous outdoor activities, and has a picturesque nature. The mixture of suburban and urban feel brings a unique note to the towns of Northern Virginia. Seniors looking to retire on the East Coast cannot go wrong with this part of the country. However, some places stand out and are considered to be great places for retirees:

    1. Alexandria
    2. Arlington
    3. Centreville
    4. Chantilly
    5. Falls Church
    6. Fairfax City
    7. Reston
    8. Mount Vernon
    A senior couple choosing the best places in Northern Virginia for a peaceful retirement
    The proximity to the capital makes Northern Virginia an appealing area for living.

    Choose Alexandria for your new home

    The town south of Washington DC is one of the places in Northern Virginia for a peaceful retirement. It is a beautiful Virginia city with over 157,000 people. You will find many interesting activities that can make you happy if you decide to retire in Alexandria. things such as easy access to all amenities, metro stations, and historic areas make this place perfect for retirees with an active lifestyle.

    Walkable neighborhoods and numerous job opportunities make an ideal environment for those who would like to continue working after retirement. Also, there is an array of housing options, from the city center townhouses to flats and small houses on the outskirts. If this town seems like a perfect place to retire, hiring one of many moving companies Alexandria VA should be your next step!


    Arlington is by far the best place to retire in the country. Owing to easy access to the healthcare system, vast green spaces, supportive community, and local government, this place is ideal for retirees. With the very high rate of a highly educated population, this town is a perfect place to live and work in. A multitude of historic landmarks makes it a perfect tourist destination.

    On the other hand, people who decide to relocate here for retirement can find a peaceful neighborhood to live in. It received recognition as the best place to retire in 2016. For those with plenty of time on their hands, there are several landmarks of national importance. The Pentagon, the Marine Corps War Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, and the United States Air Force Memorial are the most prominent sites to visit. These are just a couple of reasons why Arlington is one of the best places in Northern Virginia for a peaceful retirement.

    Picturesque buildings in Northern Virginia
    Many picturesque places in Northern Virginia offer a variety of activities and amenities for the elderly.

    Centreville- one of the best places in Northern Virginia for a peaceful retirement

    If you are looking for a vibrant, nice, and very senior-friendly place, you are in the right spot. This wonderful suburb of Washington, D.C., can offer you many things. From beautiful parks, restaurants, coffee shops, and other places you can enjoy as a senior citizen, we are certain that you will have a wonderful time here. It is one of the best places you can move to and retire.

    Unlike the places that surround Washington DC, the majority of Centreville residents own their homes. If you opt for a retirement home, have in mind that in Centreville, there are 50 retirement homes within 50 miles. All senior centers in Fairfax County offer a variety of activities such as fitness, arts, crafts, and many more. For those keener on buying or renting a place of their own, there are numerous things to do and see. The Manassas National Battlefield Park and Bull Run Regional Park are historical attractions that senior citizens may enjoy after retirement. Remember to book your movers Centreville VA on time and afford yourself a seamless relocation.


    If you want to live in a suburb that can offer you a lot of positive things, then Chantilly is what you are looking for. You will be close to every major thing in Washington, and you will be able to commute there with ease. It is near Dulles International Airport, 25 miles away from Washington, and boasts outstanding golf courses. People love living here, and you can notice that many young professionals, families, and senior citizens have found their place here.

    If you are fond of history and peaceful neighborhoods, then Chantilly is the place for you. Whoever decides to retire in this town will find a quiet yet fulfilling environment amid the country’s economic hub. The most popular places to visit in Chantilly are the Steven F Udvar-Hazy Center and Sully Plantation. Also, there is a significant number of senior living communities for those who opt for this form of retirement.

    An elderly couple playing video games
    Choose a place that best fits your needs and enjoy your retirement.

    Falls Church- one of the best places in Northern Virginia

    This is a beautiful suburb in Washington, D.C. Falls Church offers a lot of things you can enjoy as a senior citizen. From many great activities to living with great health care as well. It is something that many seniors need to pay attention to when moving. Many studies show that this is one of the best places to retire in the US. The number of doctors’ offices per 1,000 people is high, and access to medical care is favorable. This town is also full of opportunities for recreation and social activities. Endless community activities are beneficial for retirees looking for an active daily life. Be sure to contact your movers Falls Church VA on time and have the professionals from Fairfax Transfer and Storage conduct your relocation.

    Choose Fairfax City when retiring

    Similar to the rest of Northern Virginia, Fairfax offers a variety of cultural and historical experiences. A walkable downtown, peaceful surroundings, and proximity to both nature and the big city, such as Washington DC, make this place a perfect retirement destination. The whole county has many golf courses, and for museum-goers NRA National Firearm Museum offers a collection of 3,000 pieces of weapons.

    A house in Reston- one of the best places in Northern Virginia for a peaceful retirement
    Reston is a beautiful suburb place.

    Reston- the best place in Northern Virginia for a peaceful retirement

    This is a nice little town in Virginia with almost 62,000 residents, and they love living in this urban-suburban place. If you are looking to move somewhere where you will have all the things you can get in a big city but still have peace of a suburban way of life, then moving to Reston is what you need to do. Reston offers a variety of activities for retirees. It boasts Virginia’s best-rated Farmers Market, Van Gogh Lake with magnificent views of cherry blossom, a great metro connection with Washington DC, and many other perks. The best movers Reston VA offers are at your disposal for any relocation. Whether you need storage, packing services, moving long-distance, or locally, the top-rated Fairfax County movers will cater to your relocation needs.

    Consider moving to Mount Vernon

    Last but not least on our list is Mount Vernon, with its amazing activities for senior citizens. You will love living here! It is considered one of the top places you can move to and one of the most desirable suburbs in Washington, D.C. With almost 15,000 people living here, you will certainly meet new friends and have a lot of relaxing time, and that is not all! There is a mix of all cultures here. If you love tasting food, you can always go to one of many restaurants. Just call movers Mount Vernon VA, to help you out. Then you can know that you can move safely and without any delay

    What to pay attention to when looking for a place to retire

    There are many factors you need to include in your search when you are about to look for a place to retire in Northern Virginia. You would want to live somewhere where you would have an easy life. That means that you should be able to have all the essential places such as supermarkets, pharmacies, and doctors near you. Some things to pay attention to are:

    • Public transportation is good
    • There are parks nearby
    • It is filled with interesting activities for seniors
    • Have some help when moving
    A public transportation in Northern Virginia
    When looking for the best places in Northern Virginia for a peaceful retirement, make sure to have a means of good public transport.

    Make sure to rent a place that is on the bottom floors

    As a senior citizen, you would want to live near the bottom floors or in a house. You wouldn’t want to bother yourself with constant climbing or depending on an elevator. And what if the elevator is not in function at the moment? That means you will have to walk up to your floor. It can be really difficult to do this sometimes. So, make sure to pay attention to this. That is something that can mean a lot if you have some knee or back problems. You wouldn’t want to deal with stairs if you have these issues.

    Stay safe during the move

    Moving as a senior citizen carries a lot of risks itself. There are many things you need to have in mind all the time. Not to mention that if you have to move something heavy and big, you will have to call someone to help you out. If you try to do it on your own, you will only risk injuring yourself. It is something that you should try to avoid in this situation, especially when you are trying to pack this for your move. In this situation, you would want to get some professional packing services VA. Professional movers and packers can prepare your items for the move, so you don’t have to worry about it. With their help, you can safely relocate without any possible delays or mistakes.

    A tall building- place in Northern Virginia for a peaceful retirement
    Make sure to rent on the bottom floors to make your accessibility much easier.

    Ask your friends or family members to help you out

    Moving as a senior citizen can be tough sometimes. With all the items you have to pack and move, you would want to know that you can do it properly. The best way you can do this is if you ask your family members or friends to help you out with it. They can provide you with some extra packing supplies or help you pack tricky and fragile items that are complicated to pack and move. That can mean a lot, and it could save you a lot of time and money on your relocation. That is why many people think about doing this with someone’s help.

    Best places in Northern Virginia for a peaceful retirement- conclusion

    This is a perfect list of the best places in Northern Virginia for a peaceful retirement you can use before you decide where to move. The moving process doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need to do is decide which city soothes you the best. After, comparing their pros and cons, making a final decision should be your next step. After you hire reliable movers, take some time to grieve your moving and prepare for a new life chapter. All in all, whichever city you choose, you will not be making a mistake. Good luck, and we welcome you to Northern Virginia!

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