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    A clutter-free home and an organized closet work wonders for your everyday mood. If you’ve been thinking about how to use your closet or storage space more efficiently, we are here with some great ideas! Sorting everything out and maximizing your storage space will also be helpful in the long run. When the time comes for you to move, it will be much easier to pack a neat closet or move your belongings from a well-organized storage unit. Moving and storage Northern Virginia will provide premium services so that you don’t have to stress about anything! But first, let’s see some closet organization ideas and storage tips.

    The first step for a neat closet and storage unit- declutter!

    Whether you are moving, renting a storage unit, or just need some inspiration for organizing your closet, the first tip is to declutter your home! Do a big purge and get rid of anything you don’t need or use before your movers Lorton VA arrive. Start with sorting out the clothes and shoes in your closet. You need to be cruel and let go of everything you don’t wear anymore.

    Maybe it’s not fashionable anymore, it doesn’t fit you or you simply don’t like it- let it go. See if there are items you can donate, gift to some of your friends or even sell. Why not make some extra cash? The same goes for everything else in your home. Don’t simply put things in your storage unit because they don’t fit in your house. If you have no use for those particular items, it’s best to get rid of them.

    clothes on a clothing rack
    Closet organization ideas are always a good way of refreshing the look of your wardrobe and a chance for decluttering at the same time.

    Closet organization ideas that will make your life easier

    Once you’ve sorted out your clothes and decluttered the home, you can move on to organizing everything. If you need help, there’s always a packing service Northern Virginia to provide professional packing assistance. Having your belongings packed for storage by the experts is extra insurance that nothing will get damaged even if you keep it in the unit for a long time. However, if you are only tidying up your closet, here are some ideas on how to best use your closet space:

    • sort through the clothes and put seasonal clothes in a storage unit
    • use up all the hanging space
    • hang your shoes on the closet door
    • use shelf dividers for a neater look

    Sort through your clothes and decide what to put in a storage unit

    Sorting through clothes might be the most boring part of organizing your closet. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable. Start with separating your clothes into piles. For example, you can make piles with seasonal clothes, items you want to sell, give to friends, or donate. Seasonal clothes can go in your unit in storage Lorton VA offers. This is the best way of avoiding mess in your closet. Label your boxes properly so you can find them in your storage unit with ease. Having to open multiple boxes to see what’s inside can take a long time. After you take out all the clothes, don’t forget to clean your closet.

    Use up all the vertical hanging space in your closet

    Hanging your clothes on hangers is beneficial for multiple reasons. Firstly, your clothes won’t get wrinkled. Secondly, they will keep their shape better. And lastly, it’s the best way to maximize your closet space. Your best bet is to use wooden hangers since they are versatile and suit most items of clothing. Your blazers, shirts, and even jeans will thank you! And when you move or want to transfer your seasonal clothes to your storage unit, you can use a clothing rack for a simple hassle-free way to re-organize your wardrobe for a new season.

    wooden hangers
    Using wooden hangers for your clothes is best.

    Closet organization ideas: hang your shoes on the closet door for even more space

    A nice hack for freeing up your closet floor from piles of shoes is to hang the shoes on the closet door! Organizing your wardrobe is tedious and time-consuming but it’s much easier if you implement a few useful tricks like this. You just need some towel hangers, like the ones you use in your bathroom. Simply put them on the lower half of your closet door from the inside and hang your shoes.

    How to keep your storage unit tidy

    Keeping your storage unit tidy is important for many reasons. You need it to be organized to easily find items when you need them. Cramming everything and anything in your storage unit will not do you any favors when it comes to budget or convenience. And paying for storage for things you never use is simply a waste of money. That’s why the most important things for a tidy storage unit are:

    • only keeping things you need in your storage
    • stacking boxes neatly instead of just throwing them in the unit
    cardboard boxes
    It’s better to pack your boxes neatly than to just cram them in your storage unit.

    Don’t put things you don’t need in your unit

    As we already said, keeping items in your unit you know you won’t use is not budget-friendly. Before you put anything in storage, consider selling, gifting, or donating things you don’t need. Places like Goodwill are always more than happy to take things you no longer need and give them to those less fortunate. You can even organize a yard sale and get rid of some household items you no longer need but are as good as new.

    Don’t just throw boxes in! Stack them vertically

    Closet organization ideas and storage tips are of no use if you’re just going to throw your neatly packed boxes in the unit and leave them like that. When you need them you will have a problem, since you will not have an idea where anything is. That’s why it’s important to carefully label your boxes and stack them in your storage unit. Use the space in the best way by stacking your boxes vertically instead of just horizontally. Just watch out to never put light boxes on the bottom and heavier ones on top. You always want the heaviest boxes on the bottom and lighter ones on top, so the cardboard doesn’t break. Also, leave a walking space in the middle of your unit so you can walk around easily.

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