Common moving mishaps and how to avoid them

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    The moving process is not always smooth sailing, as there are plenty of things that can go wrong. Some can even lead to property damages it even potential injuries. As much as finding the best interstate movers northern Virginia has to offer will help us avoid that, there are still some things you should also know before the move, to ensure they won’t happen. To make things easier for you, here’s a list of common moving mishaps and how to avoid them!

    Making a plan will help you see the common moving mishaps and how to avoid them

    Most moving mistakes happen when we fail to make a plan in advance. Of course, most of the moving responsibilities will fall on the shoulders of the best long distance moving companies northern VA has to offer. However, there are still some things that you need to take care of if you wish to avoid common moving mishaps. That’s especially true if you’re moving for the first time, as you’re facing the unknown.

    A woman reading about the most Common Moving Mishaps and How to Avoid Them
    Most online guides on common moving mishaps and how to avoid them will advise you to make a moving plan.

    Making a plan will ensure you have a schedule. That way you will save time, and resources and avoid forgetting important things that need to be done. Knowing that something needs to be done and writing it down will serve as a reminder. Also this way you can organize your time, and escape doing everything last minute.


    Knowing the most common moving mishaps and how to avoid them will lower your moving stress and save you a lot of time. One of the things you should know and do is to declutter. This is something you should do prior to packing, no matter if you are packing by yourself or using one of the packing services that northern Virginia movers offer you. This is also something that can help you save money! Sometimes moving estimates are made based on the weight of the items moved. So getting rid of things you don’t need is a big advantage!

    Take some time and make three piles. One will be for the items you decide to keep and move. The second should be for things that are broken or no longer in use. And the last pile should contain items for sale or donation. You can donate anything from unused furniture (to organizations like The Furniture Bank) to canned food, clothes, supplies, and so on.

    Every guide on common moving mishaps and how to avoid them will tell you to prepare the packing materials

    Filling up the boxes might seem easy enough. However, sometimes deciding just how many of them we need can be tricky. And that also applies to other packing supplies. People, especially those moving for the first time, can sometimes fail to get enough supplies. Then, they will end up running around looking for more.

    Moving boxes in different sizes
    There are many different types and sizes of boxes you can choose for your move.

    Some companies can help you decide how many boxes you will need. You can also decide to look into the moving services northern VA movers offer, and hire professional packers. But, keep in mind to ask the company if the service also includes their own packing materials. After all, not all companies will provide them!

    Start packing on time

    Your biggest enemy when moving is time. We guarantee that when asking about common moving mishaps and how to avoid them, everyone will tell you about the importance of time. If you don’t make a moving plan or don’t follow it, you will end up packing at the last minute. Packing right before the move will make the whole process more stressful and hectic. There will be so many things that will need to be done, and packing will become even harder. You will not have enough time to pack properly and will risk many of the items being damaged.

    No moving insurance

    There are many things that were made in order to make your move better and safer. One of those things is moving insurance. This is something all good moving companies have and offer to their clients. Although there are different forms of insurance options, all of them offer a certain benefit and coverage in case of accidents.

    A man signing insurance papers
    Insurance is one of the best things to invest in when moving long distances.

    For instance, if you get full coverage insurance, in case of a mishap like damage or items being lost, you will be compensated for the items worth. If the company doesn’t offer insurance, you can get it on your own. But still, it may be better to find a company that offers it, as they are better and more trustworthy.

    You forgot to pack an essentials bag

    People don’t realize that they need an essentials bag. And most don’t even know what to pack in one. Only people who are actually moving can unpack every single item on the first day after the move. That is why it is critical to bring some essentials. What every bag should include are items like a change of clothes, hygiene products, medication, sleepwear, and so on. These items will allow you to have your most basic needs covered right after you move in. Be sure to place labels on those boxes and hold them someplace that’s easily accessible.

    No labels

    One more of the common moving mishaps and how to avoid them is labeling. These seemingly small tasks will have a big impact on the success of your move. When you pack all of your items, all boxes will look the same. And you will have no way of knowing where each box should go or even what’s in them. This is why placing labels is a big deal. Just writing down what room it is supposed to go in will help you greatly. And if you even write what’s in them, then things become even easier!

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