Furniture packing tips for beginners

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    Moving is always stressful, and packing can be the hardest part. And if you never moved before, it can be even harder. And today, Northern Virginia movers decided to give you some furniture packing tips for beginners. Let us help you with some tips so you can make the whole process less stressful.

    What is the basis of furniture packing tips?

    The basics of furniture packing tips for beginners is to pack and protect all things well. While this may seem obvious, it’s easier said than done. And if you move across the state, it can be even more challenging. The best thing you can do is contact long distance moving companies Northern VA that can give you some tips.

    A person who checks his plan list during packaging - Furniture packing tips
    The basics of furniture packing tips for beginners is to pack and protect all things well.

    However, it may be even wiser just to hire professional packers. In any case, you have to protect not only your furniture but even the smallest little things and clothes. Furniture, being the bulkiest item can seem to be tricky to move. A lot depends on how much furniture you have and whether it is made of solid wood or plywood. In any case, the furniture must be dismantled and later mounted on a new destination. Relocation is, in fact, by definition every movement and relocation of furniture, even if it was from room to room.

    Get moving supplies

    Before you start to pack your furniture, you need quality packing supplies. You can get this by simply contacting movers Centreville VA. Your movers will most likely know which supplies you need and how many boxes. This will ease the whole process of packing for you.

    Packing furniture 101

    First of all, the important thing is that your furniture sets, armchairs, beds, cabinets must be covered when moving. Use cellophane that will protect your items from dust or any other external influences that can leave permanent stains or otherwise damage them. Every piece of furniture should be dismantled because it will be easier to load your items into a moving truck.

    man packing glass item
    The important thing is that your furniture sets, armchairs, beds, cabinets must be covered when moving.

    Of course, this will also protect your items. Disassembled bulky items and pieces of furniture are easier to carry, load, and unload, and it is generally easier to manipulate smaller pieces of furniture. We especially advise you to disassemble the plywood furniture because it will be warped during the move and it will certainly not be the same as before the move. Also, it can be a good idea to arrange your furniture in advance. In that way, you can unpack easier once you move in.

    Measure your furniture

    Before you start packing and moving your furniture, it would be good to measure all pieces of furniture. It will also be great to measure the place you are moving into, or make a detailed floor plan. This can help you determine how much packing supplies you need. Also, you will see how to fit furniture into your new place. Measure the width, depth, height, and diagonal dimensions of each of your large pieces of furniture.

    Bulky and large pieces of furniture

    When it comes to larger pieces of furniture, such as piano or chandeliers, you can’t really know how to pack and protect these kinds of items. They may easily break during transport, or even worse, you can damage them while trying to pack them. You can also hurt yourself if you try to carry more than you can. In this case, it’s best to call professionals.

    Check your furniture before you start packing

    This is perhaps the most important step in packing your furniture for relocation. Checking your items before moving can help you avoid any complications you may have in the future. Firstly, by inspecting a piece of furniture in detail, you can determine all the existing damage. In this way you can decide should you even move this piece or not. Also, you will know if it was damaged before or after the move itself. In this way, you can be sure that the relocation company did a good job and that the potential damage was already present.

    Checking the furniture will also help you decide which pieces to take with you and which to leave behind. Don’t move items that are too old, too worn out, and too damaged. Also, think twice before you pay for moving furniture that you will keep in storage in your new home and never use it again. In that case, a smarter solution would be to take the furniture to the landfill.

    How to pack white goods

    As you may imagine, the hardest things to pack are large heavy appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, and stoves. Still, there are some tricks on how to pack them in the right way.

    • Unplug any electrical devices before protecting and packing.
    • Make sure heavy devices are empty. Defrost the refrigerator or freezer before relocation. Clean them well and make sure they are dry.
    • Wrap any elements separately.
    • Use stretch film to secure the doors of heavy devices and prevent them from opening during relocation.
    man with a box
    Checking the furniture will also help you decide which pieces to take with you and which to leave behind.

    A few additional tips

    Pay special attention to the corners of furniture while packing. Without proper protection, they can be easily damaged and can lead to damage to walls and other furniture. For added protection, it’s a good idea to cover it with cardboard and then wrap over it with stretch film. Use a small stretch foil to keep the drawers and furniture doors secured. For example, you can pack clothes in your drawers and keep them in place wrapped in stretch foil around the dresser and drawer. It’s an easy way to pack efficiently (but also keep the drawers closed during transport and loading so nothing falls out).

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