Green packing solutions to consider for your upcoming move

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    Do you have a move coming up? You will likely have to deal with the packing process. If you are looking for easy green packing solutions, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to show you how to properly and safely use eco-friendly packing methods for your upcoming move. In addition to this, we are going to show you which materials to use as well as why it is crucial to hire reliable and professional moving companies DC area.

    Green and eco-friendly packing solutions

    Getting creative with old clothing items

    Some of the most common and widely used packing materials for the relocation process are bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, and packing foam. However, these materials pose a real threat to our environment. Furthermore, any kind of material that is used for the packing process improperly and damages the environment should be avoided if possible. You might be wondering then, how do you actually protect your items during the move? You still have to use some protective materials. For starters, you can try using old clothes. Do not hesitate to use old clothes as protective materials for your fragile items such as glassware when packing. This is both a cost-effective and eco-friendly method and packing solution for your packing process. Of course, if you need help with other moving tasks it is best to contact professional movers on time who can assist you with moving services Northern VA.

    Packed clothes as green packing solutions.
    Use old clothes as means of protecting your fragile items and also as an eco-friendly packing method.

    Recycle old boxes

    Cardboard boxes are usually the most common packing supplies that keep most of the items during the transportation process. However, after relocation, these are usually thrown away. An alternative green solution would be to keep these boxes or better yet, use plastic boxes which can be used for storing certain items after you move. This way, your boxes have multiple purposes, protect your items and also provide a good and efficient green packing solution.

    Use old magazines and newspapers

    Bubble wrap, packing foam, and similar materials are not only dangerous for the environment but also cost money. If you are looking to cut down on the costs of your relocation and also use eco-friendly materials, you should use old magazines and newspapers. You can wrap them around the majority of items in your inventory. This will keep these items safe while they are being transported. You can use both magazines and newspapers in several different ways. You can wrap them, rolled them up, or even shred them into multiple pieces if necessary. Whichever method you prefer, it is a good and eco-friendly way of packing your items for the move.  Not everything can be wrapped inside newspapers and magazines. So, make sure you create a moving inventory list and mark which items require different packing methods. This will keep things neat and organized.

    Old newspaper.
    Use old newspapers and magazines instead of bubble wrap and packing foam as part of your green packing solutions.

    Get green boxes

    Cardboard boxes are slowly but surely becoming the thing of the past! Green boxes are relatively new but offer a great and much-needed eco-friendly to pack your inventory. They are reusable moving containers and offer a cleaner and sturdier version as opposed to old cardboard boxes. They are also made out of recycled plastic. In addition to this, they are also very easy to stack and transport. Therefore, they can provide excellent storage in your garage, closet, or bedroom. So, there is no need to be worried about what you can do with them after the move.

    Do not throw old items away!

    During the packing process, we often separate the things we no longer need or want in our new home. This is called the decluttering process. It is extremely important as it makes packing a lot easier and also helps you clear up more space in your inventory. However, what you do with the downsized and decluttered items is equally important. That is why you should never simply throw-away items that you no longer want. Instead, you can use one of the following solutions:

    • Donate. When decluttering, make sure you contact your local charity organization. It is a great way of helping others while also being eco-friendly and not discarding old items and pieces of furniture.
    • Gift. Another thing you can consider is gifting. Contact your friends or family members and offer them some of the items you cannot or do not want to take with you during your move.
    • Online sales. Selling your items online is relatively easy nowadays. It is quick and efficient.
    • Garage sale. Organize a garage sale and try to sell some of your downsized items. This is a great and efficient way of not only getting rid of the items you no longer want but also earning some extra cash which you can add to your moving budget.

    Hire professionals to help you move

    The process of moving is extremely complicated and challenging. Things can quickly go wrong if you are not properly prepared. That is why it is important to have reliable residential movers in Northern VA by your side when moving. Professional movers can assist you with all of your key moving-related tasks. Furthermore, they can help you figure out the best eco-friendly packing solutions for your inventory. In addition to this, you do not have to worry about the safety of your items. Professional movers will send trained and experienced hired workers to move your packed items. Furthermore, they can provide the necessary transportation vehicles and help you with storage.

    Professional movers.
    Hire professional movers for a safe and efficient relocation experience.


    To sum up, there are lots of green packing solutions you can use for your packing process. Make sure you use recyclable materials when packing. Finally, always remember to hire professionals and you will relocate to your new home stress-free and in no time!

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