How to get ready for interstate relocation in a month

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    Moving can often come unexpectedly. Job opportunities or other sudden life circumstances may influence your decision to change location within a month. You’ve possibly heard how demanding relocations are. However, if you plan out everything well, you will move your household or business successfully. We created this guide for you to get ready for interstate relocation in a month in the best way possible. As a reputable moving and storage Northern Virginia company, Fairfax Transfer and Storage makes sure every customer has a blissful moving experience. Our friendly and enthusiastic team will take care of your belongings so you can relax. Contact us and get a free estimate!

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    A good organization makes it possible to get ready for interstate relocation in a month.

    Organization and a good moving company will get you ready for interstate relocation in less than a month

    Luckily nowadays the internet has enabled us quick access to all information we need. Therefore, a reliable and trustworthy moving company will have all the data displayed on its website. You will learn about their work history, testimonials, and rates. In addition, prior preparation is crucial to a well-executed and stress-free relocation

    A moving budget is the first step to get ready for an interstate move within a month

    Consider the following costs before you make a moving budget:

    • Transport
    • Crew
    • Packing services
    • Storage services 
    • Packing supplies

    These are parts of the relocation process that will cost you the most. However, don’t worry if you find yourself confused. Moving budget requires precision, and it’s always good to ask for help. Simply contact your chosen moving company for advice. They will offer you expert advice and give you an insight into the total cost of the entire move.

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    Plan your moving budget thoroughly.

    Good movers will successfully organize your interstate move in less than a month

    • Make a list of several interstate movers Northern Virginia clients strongly recommend. Choose those that offer a free estimate, without hidden fees. Also, make sure you choose only registered companies with a fully transparent official website.
    • Compare the rates and decide which companies fit your moving budget.
    • After you further narrow down your list, call the remaining companies. Ask them everything you want to know. In addition, pay attention to whether you’re getting all the answers. Don’t hesitate to confirm the information from the website. 

    Nevertheless, be wary of fraudulent companies that don’t prioritize your best interest. Usually, the information you get from them is vague, which tells you that something isn’t right. Such companies don’t offer a free estimate, and hidden fees are pretty common among them. You don’t want to end up stressed over your relocation budget. Avoid dealing with a fake mover at all cost.

    You will need quality storage for your belongings

    Storage rental is your best solution for all your possessions. You never know what unexpected circumstances may arise. In addition, delays are quite possible to happen during interstate moves. Therefore, a storage unit should be one of the top priorities on your list. Fortunately, the moving industry has significantly advanced, and the same goes for storage solutions. You don’t have to worry about dirt, rodents, and extreme temperatures anymore. Thanks to self storage Lorton VA companies offer, your possessions are safe from damage. Climate-controlled storage space will protect them regardless of the season and weather conditions. Also, you will have 24/7 access to your belongings. 

    Storage solutions are possible to rent for short-term or long-term periods, depending on your move. Most long-distance movers offer storage at quite affordable prices. Keep in mind that’s much more cost-effective than DIY storage. 

    Only quality moving kits will prevent your items from breaking and leaking throughout the move

    Moving supplies don’t have to be expensive. However, you should pay attention to their quality rather than pricing. For sure, a reasonable price is a must. On the other hand, you don’t want to end up paying for additional repairs and dealing with the mess in a moving truck. Durable cardboard boxes are essential to every successful move.

    Take the packing process seriously and let the professionals handle it for you

    If you haven’t had packing experience yet, then hiring professional packers is your best solution. Many moving companies offer excellent packing services which may save you a lot of time for other moving duties. Moreover, you will remain relaxed knowing that professionals are there to take care of furniture, appliances, breakable objects, and other items.

    Prepare mentally for an upcoming moving day

    Interstate relocations aren’t easy for everyone. Some people will find it more emotionally challenging than logistically. In any case, it’s good to prepare mentally for the upcoming move. Go for a weekend visit and explore your new neighborhood. Take a walk, observe the streets and people, have a coffee or tea in a nearby cafe. On the other hand, you may find more bout your new city online if you don’t have time for a weekend trip. When you get more familiar with your new environment, it will be much easier to go through the relocation process. You will feel way more excited about your moving journey and new beginnings.

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    Get to know your new neighborhood.

    Don’t forget your health and fitness on a moving day

    Many completed steps are necessary to get ready for interstate relocation in a month. In addition, your well-being is important to maintain when a moving day comes. Many tasks will be ahead of you. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself. First, get up earlier and go for a walk. If you are a more active person, go for a short morning run. Rope skipping is another effective cardio exercise to boost your energy and improve your overall mood. Next, make sure you drink plenty of water. Hydration will lessen the stress and keep you alert. If possible, avoid too much coffee and sugar. You can also do some light stretch exercises.  After that, you can peacefully welcome the movers and start your moving journey!

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