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    Every move is a project that requires preparation. People often take as many as few months to prepare for a move. It’s not something you should take lightly. If you can, plan it months in advance. You need to research moving companies. Then, after you opt for the most efficient or most affordable one, you can book the company. Once that’s done, you need to prepare yourself psychologically and the company needs to do the right evaluations to prepare their trucks and teams well. You need to get the right supplies for the move and prepare your place for the process. Even when opting for the supplies, it takes time to choose between cheaper but used ones and more expensive but fresh supplies. That’s why a move on short notice is a much more complex process.

    When moving on short notice, things often go wrong. That’s why you will have to pay attention to certain details and we will point them out for you. Don’t panic, you are just as capable of doing it well as anyone else.

    A well-planned move on short notice is half the job done

    So, a good plan is everything. You might have a few months, days, or weeks. Every moment counts but none of it is as important as creating a plan you can follow. There are a few ways to do that well before you book a good moving company like Fairfax Transfer and Storage, to begin the relocation. Here are a few ideas:

    • You can download helpful moving apps
    • Try out making a moving binder
    • Print checklists that you customized
    • Plan a packing strategy ahead of time
    • Organize a donation list and stick to it

    You’ve done everything well if you follow these steps. They will make planning a move on short notice a piece of cake.

    A man is checking boxes before moving them.
    Moving on short notice requires you to pre-pack, label the boxes and pick a company after thorough research.

    Pre-packing is a great way to avoid unpleasant surprises

    So, moving on short notice creates a lot of space for some unplanned troubles. That’s why the best way to prepare yourself is to pre-pack. Pre-packing is basically packing the most important stuff before anything else and preparing some things for the packing to make it go smoother.

    Think about your kids or pet before the move on short notice

    Kids, no matter their age, always have their own needs. So, based on their personality, preferences, and needs, you should prepare all the stuff they will need for the relocation. Maybe some toys, basic medicine or any other requirements. If you have a pet, make sure their food and treats are always available to them once the move begins. Maybe they need a toy as well. You know your kids and pets well enough to make sure all their needs are fulfilled.

    Separate valuable items from the rest

    It’s a common custom to separate your valuable items from the rest of the stuff you will be moving. You can put stuff like jewelry, cash, or some valuable art pieces in a separate box that will be with you throughout the relocation, or you can rent a safe deposit box in a bank. It’s up to you to decide how you will handle the more valuable of your possessions during your move on short notice. Also, make sure china, glassware, and bigger art pieces are handled with care. So, if you aren’t totally sure the company will be careful, you should move those boxes yourself.

    Make reservations on time

    This is a tricky one. You should make sure you choose the right mover before you actually book them. Check if they are affordable compared to your criteria and see the reviews, just in case. You don’t want to hire some fraudulent movers.

    A woman is looking at a laptop in a kitchen.
    Look at reviews of moving companies. They can be a reliable source if you read enough of them.

    So, once you’ve done that part, you can start searching for the date. A lot of companies are just too busy to accept your order if you book only a few days ahead of the move. It needs to be done weeks, or even better, months before the move. That way you will show common courtesy towards the movers and they will have time to do a proper estimation of your home and give you a precise number of how much it will all cost. If you explain the situation, they will understand your needs and how to approach the situation. It is a move on short notice, after all.

    Compare rates between companies

    People who move on short notice often make one mistake. They are in a constant hurry so they forget to compare rates. Keep in mind, you are the customer and you have every right to choose the best price. Ask around, try to get a discount, and make sure you have provided yourself best terms possible for a comfortable move. When a fraudulent moving company sees that you are in a hurry and can’t find a mover to provide you with a moving date that will suit you, they will do everything they can to rip you off.

    Ask friends for help if the company is too busy

    Companies often offer the relocation service without a problem when it’s a move on short notice, but not all companies can always provide packing services so easily. For that reason, you should try to ask friends and family for help. They can join in and help you pack within a few hours or days, depending on the amount of stuff you have. It can be especially effective if some of them had moved beforehand so they can use their experience to help you.

    People are talking about a move on short notice.
    Ask your friends for help. It can be really useful, especially if they already have moving experience.

    You are as ready for a move on short notice as your mind is

    Don’t forget to prepare yourself psychologically. There is no reason for you to be worried and you should keep that in mind. A good long distance moving company and a proper pre-packing process are often everything you actually need for a good relocation. The steps provided in this guide will make your move on short notice an easy adventure and you won’t have to worry about anything. If you are prepared well, any obstacle you face will be a minor one and easily solvable. So, prepare to feel proud of your big accomplishment once your relocation is over.

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