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    With the pandemic raging for the past two years, many people have made it a priority to stay fit and healthy and exercise more. If you’ve built a nice home gym for you and your family, you must wonder how to handle it when the time to move comes. Relocations bring out the “complicated” in everything. From furniture, toiletries, and clothes, to treadmills and dumbells- you will likely be puzzled how to pack everything properly. Finding reliable Northern Virginia movers to take care of your relocation will be a huge relief. If you need useful information on how to safely move your gym equipment, we are here for you. We’ve assembled the most valuable tips to help you.

    Move your gym equipment safely – here’s how

    The essential thing to do before packing any gym props is to clean them. Gym equipment harbors a lot of bacteria due to sweat that is left after you are done working out. This is why it is important to take the time to wipe everything down carefully and meticulously with a damp cloth and some kind of antibacterial spray. After you’re done, you can go on to packing.

    Packing gym equipment is not easy, simply due to the fact that it is so diverse. All of the different items usually require special packing and handling techniques. If that sounds scary, don’t worry. Hiring local or long distance movers VA for your relocation is a good start, but it doesn’t mean you can’t pack on your own. We will guide you through the packing process for different pieces of gym equipment, and you will be done in the blink of an eye. First, let’s separate the gym equipment into three categories:

    • dumbells, barbells, weights
    • treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike
    • lightweight gym equipment- yoga mats, yoga blocks, foam rollers, etc.
    yoga mats, dumbells and other props are an important part of learning how to move your gym equipment safely
    Learn how to move your gym equipment with our tips.

    Dumbells, barbells, and weights

    When it comes to heavy pieces of gym props, such as dumbells, barbells, or weights and plates, you need to be careful how you pack them. If you put too much in a single cardboard box, it is likely that the box will rupture. Try to limit the total weight in one box to 30 pounds max. But, before you put them in a box, first you need to properly protect your weights. Take your clean dumbells, barbells, or any other kind of weights you have and wrap them tightly in packing paper and bubble wrap.  After they are all wrapped up, place them in moving boxes. Watch out for the total weight of the box, as previously mentioned. Then, you can label the boxes and hand them over to movers McLean VA. They will safely move everything to your new location.

    Treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes

    Larger pieces of gym equipment such as treadmills or ellipticals are more complicated to move. They have intricate systems and lots of small parts that need to be disassembled. You have to be very careful when re-assembling such devices since one bolt not fixed properly can cause a serious injury.


    Treadmills are the simplest to pack, so to say. When you pack the previously sanitized treadmill, you want to follow a few steps for optimal results. Firstly, you need to unplug the treadmill. Then, take off any additional parts, such as water bottle holders. After that, you need to find the user manual and learn how to carefully fold up or down the treadmill. You will need a helper to place the treadmill on a furniture dolly. Make sure to always lift anything heavy with your legs, and not your back to avoid serious back injuries. When you test out the treadmill after the move, do it on a very low setting first to make sure it is assembled properly.

    treadmills in a gym
    Read the user manual before you even attempt to pack a treadmill for a move.

    Elliptical or stationary bike

    As for ellipticals and stationary bikes, they can be a bit harder to pack since they are more robust and don’t simply fold as a treadmill does. The best way to avoid damage is to disassemble them and put them in their original boxes. Keep any small bits safe in a resealable bag. But, if this is not an option and you don’t want to disassemble them, you should wrap them very carefully and abundantly in packing paper and bubble wrap and strap them firmly in place once they’re in the moving van.

    Yoga mats, foam rollers, yoga blocks, etc.

    Lightweight gym props such as yoga mats, foam rollers have their own challenges when it comes to packing. If you don’t pack them properly, you risk smashing them and thus permanently misshaping them. Roll up your yoga mats, and then wrap them tightly in packing paper. The same goes for foam rollers and yoga blocks, as well as gym towels or jump ropes. Don’t spare the packing paper and bubble wrap! There are many useful moving supply lists, so you know exactly what to buy for your move. After wrapping, place them in moving boxes. Fill out any spaces with paper or packing peanuts. You want to leave no wiggle-room. Then label the boxes, and you’re done!

    Get professional moving assistance! Let us move your gym equipment for you

    The best decision for your household move is to get a professional packing service Northern Virginia. Moving experts have years of experience and knowledge and have usually gone through extensive training. This is why they know the best way to pack different kinds of items. Your gym equipment will be best off in the skilled hands of professional movers. Booking moving or packing services will also spare you the tedious work of having to buy moving supplies by yourself. The movers will provide everything you need for packing your home gym.

    home gym
    Professionals will know the best way to move your home gym.

    Hopefully, we’ve managed to help you learn some useful ways to pack and move your gym equipment. Don’t forget to clean and sanitize everything in your home gym before you move and kill off any residual bacteria. The best and most hassle-free option is to hire moving professionals. Stock up on packing supplies and get packing. Be careful not to overload cardboard boxes with heavyweights, since they will break. Find user manuals for your treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike. Disassemble them accordingly and wrap them in bubble wrap. As for lightweight gym props such as jump ropes or yoga mats and blocks, wrap them and place them in moving boxes. And that’s it, you are ready to go! Happy moving!

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