How to set up a home garden after moving

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    One of the most unpleasant situations you will ever face is relocating, especially if there is any gardening or hardcore maintenance work that has to be done. While one can be resolved by hiring commercial movers northern VA. there are a lot of other things to enjoy in organizing a garden as well. Discovering and revitalizing one’s garden after moving into a new house is one of the greatest (and least discussed) joys of homeownership. Here is how to set up a home garden after moving.

    a boy watering plants
    Organizing a garden is no easy job!

    Where do you begin?

    It may be a given that the status of your new house and garden play a role in deciding how to get started. Before you start cutting back on everything you see, create a strategy.

    Assess your home garden

    In an ideal scenario, after moving to Northern Virginia, you should relax a bit. Firstly make your move easier by hiring professionals in your area, like Fairfax county movers. We’d advise you to get to know your new garden for at least a year before making any major changes, if not longer. The main reason for this is because figuring out what plants you already have and which places do well might take some time. In fact, much like moving into a new house. You may have to spend some time in your garden before you can acquire a clear picture of what you want. As a bonus, it’s a great method to find out if that sunny spot is going to be entirely soaked or ravaged by frosts at the start of winter.

    Create a plan

    It’s time to establish a strategy for your garden once you get to know it well. This way, you have a clear picture of what you want to achieve, and you can plan out the actions you need to take to get there seasonally…

    What if your garden is too overgrown?

    In order to elevate the whole lot, you can hire landscaping specialists who may use chemicals you don’t want to employ, or they may obliterate some hidden jewels. Even weeds and brambles have the potential to reveal hidden treasures as you move into spring and summer, and an overgrown bed of grasses might be hiding some beautiful autumn color as the summer fades.

    It’s all in the preparation

    If you want to gain a sense of what was there previously, cut back on what you can and filter out what you can. Taking your time so you can get a sense of what was there before. A book of plants (or better yet, check out our plant finder!) can help you to identify any unknowns and begin cutting back and pruning familiar old friends, who have straggled or overrun. To set up a home garden after moving, there are potentially hundreds of simple maintenance projects you may start with. Which are also a wonderful respite from the décor or house improvements you’re currently undertaking. And go easy on your nerves, find a moving company in your area, like movers Lorton VA. Having an easy move, you will have all the drive to make your garden beautiful.

    person preparing to set up a home garden after moving
    This will help you set up a home garden after moving

    Top things most home gardens will need doing

    Cutting back the hedges

    In the garden, this is a regular occurrence. When you move into a new home, this is the first thing you should do. Increase the size of your yard. Get all the supplies ready in advance, and make use of storage services VA to keep them ready for when you need them.

    Leveling the lawn

    Over time, most lawns are subjected to wear and tear, which might necessitate a significant effort to repair. A specialist can help you figure out why this is happening and how to fix it.

    General weeding

    Another duty that is frequently overlooked is this one, and the intensity of it varies. You’ll probably have to go through your garden one last time. Just to make sure everything is in order when you move.

    What do you want your garden to be

    Get a clear picture of how much time and money you have available before you start excavating your ideal flower bed or border. Spending hundreds of dollars on elaborate flower beds is a waste if you have children or dogs running about and playing hide-and-seek in the boundaries of your yard. For those who’ve always wished for their own garden, now could be a good time to start planning those plots of land. You may also want to seek the assistance of a professional garden designer and a supply company. Or spend as much time as possible reading up on garden design if you’re planning a large overhaul.

    Beautiful garden
    Your garden will be the most beautiful

    Detail is the most important

    Compost generated from kitchen scraps and garden waste is a terrific addition to any garden, regardless of the state of the soil. This can help you set up a home garden after moving a lot faster. You may start generating compost even if you haven’t started planting yet. This may be done in a designated area in your garden, as well as a kitchen trash can. Keep track of which places face north or south. Where the sun shines brightest. And what provides a protected or well-drained location. Then bask in the glory of an almost bare canvas. After all the planning, weeding, and waiting, the joy of reviving your garden will be even greater. There are so many exciting things to look forward to as each new portion of the garden comes to completion. And we hope you love every minute of it as much as we do.


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