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    Many people believe that they don’t need any help just because they are moving to a nearby location. Local moves might be easier than long-distance and interstate moving endeavors, but they are still a force to be reckoned with. The good news is that there is plenty of help coming your way when moving to, from, or in Northern Virginia. In fact, only one phone call to Fairfax Transfer and Storage is sufficient for you to take care of the biggest worries surrounding your relocation. We are a company that dates back to 1959, putting us among the most experienced moving companies in Virginia. Give yourself a chance to experience a stress-free move by calling our local movers VA and getting a free moving estimate today!

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    Fairfax Transfer & Storage takes great pleasure in providing customers with full-service moving plans.

    Your trusted provider of premier moving services

    As a company with experience and all the necessary licenses, it’s safe to say that there are many things that we are proud of. But the fact that Fairfax Transfer & Storage has successfully completed over 40,000 damage-free moves is something we consider to be our greatest accomplishment. Our entire team has worked hard during each and every one of those moves. Without a doubt, one of the main reasons why we enjoy such a great reputation is due to our rich range of Northern Virginia moving services. Our customers can use our:

    Of course, you get to have our full assistance during your upcoming local relocation. We don’t differentiate between our customers who move just down the block and those who relocate across the city – every person is entitled to the full support of some of the best local movers Northern VA has seen in the past decade.

    Our Virginia local moving teams are happy to handle jobs of all complexities

    With some moves being marked as simple and others as complex, there is no telling what is considered to be an appropriate limit for seeking relocation assistance. At Fairfax Transfer & Storage, we believe that you are the only one that can set that limit. That’s why we are open to performing all types of moves, no matter their complexity. Our local movers in Northern VA can relocate a few of your items or we can relocate the contents of your five-bedroom family home.

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    Over 50 years of experience allows us to always find the perfect solution for your situation and offer services by local movers VA gladly recommends.

    Bear in mind that our company is a versatile one, so we can relocate your office possessions to a local location of your choice. In our years on the market, we have relocated commercial properties that had a few employees only, as well as businesses with dozens of staff members. During each business move, our local movers from VA have had the task of providing your business with minimal downtime. You deserve to go through a relocation that won’t leave you out of work for too long.

    Get a tailored moving plan from a top-rated team of local movers VA

    Some people don’t feel like their needs are completely taken into account during relocation. Not only will we take your needs into account, but we will fully focus on them. Since we are reputable moving professionals, our schedule is always full. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have enough time to dedicate to each of our customers. The fact that we dedicate all of our resources to you can be best seen through the tailored and personalized plan that we create for every customer.

    At the very start of the process, our Northern VA local movers will assess the needs of your relocation, after which we will brainstorm. We are looking for the best moving solutions and the optimal plan for the relocation of your belongings. The plan will include all the little details, such as a solution for narrow hallways or the non-functional elevator. We will also choose the best path for the relocation of your items, as there are always certain routes that are more convenient. All the while, all of our efforts will be focused on providing you with a quick move that won’t be filled with delays. The road to a quick and easy move starts with one of the finest local movers Northern VA has.

    Obtain your free moving estimate with ease

    Even though we are one of the most experienced moving professionals in Northern VA, we don’t feel the need to impose steep prices. Quite the contrary – we are proud to offer a very competitive pricing list for our services. Most importantly, we give you the chance to discover what our prices are before booking your move with us. Simply request a free moving estimate on our website or give us a phone call. We will provide you with an accurate quote that is not going to contain any hidden fees.

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    Our moving quotes are commitment-free and our rates are highly competitive and transparent, with no hidden fees.

    You can get an estimate, whether you are interested in our moving or storage services. Taking good care of our customers doesn’t end once we relocate your items, as we can also help you choose the best storage plan for you. Your satisfaction is always on our minds.

    Enjoy a fully assisted and stress-free move with our team of local movers VA residents choose above all other

    You don’t have to join the group of people who have had a horrible moving experience. Quite the contrary – with some of the best local movers VA has to offer, you can have a smooth relocation. If that’s your goal, you can feel free to contact us. Fairfax Transfer & Storage is a relocation professional that has been on the market since 1959. Thus, we have more than enough experience apart from having a thorough knowledge of the area. A stress-free and easy move with our team awaits.

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