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    People love their pets; they go to great lengths to care for their animal companions. In the US, 67 percent of households have a pet, with a variety that ranges from traditional pets such as dogs and cats to exotic animals. While pets add some joy to your household, things get tricky when you want to move. Relocation is a part of life and comes with myriad challenges. When you add your pet to the picture, things get more complicated.
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    Moving with pets doesn’t have to be hard at all. You just need good advice.

    If you plan to move and you own a pet, here are some ideas to make the process less stressful.

    1. Prepare Your Pet for the Move

    Pets don’t love sudden changes. If you own a cat, for instance, you appreciate how long it takes for your pet to familiarize to new locations. You can ease the stress if you prepare your pet for the move gradually.

    If possible, you can check out the new house in the company of your pet to see the reaction. The visit also helps you figure out where best to house your pet. You can check the gates, fences, and overlook landscape and see how your pet reacts to the new environment.

    Another important part of the preparations is to inform your vet for advice. The vet hands over any medical records and prescriptions for your pet and can recommend another vet in your new neighborhood.

    2. Tuck the Pet Away During the Move

    A house move can stress your pet, so you have to plan early where your pet will stay as you pack. You can choose your friend’s place to remove the pet from the stressful action. Pets love peace and quickly become agitated if you have many people in the house moving in and out.

    Pets also love familiar spaces and relocation will tress your pet. Find a comfortable place once you move to reduce the animal’s discomfort. Unpacking is hectic, with many people around and a lot of noise involved.

    As soon as you arrive at your new home, set up a quiet place away from the busy traffic and to guarantee your pet’s safety. As you unpack and arrange your new house, check on the pet regularly to guarantee their comfort and safety.

    3. Pack a Pet Bag

    Amid the hassle of a move, you can easily forget your pet’s most treasured items. Create a checklist of all your pet’s supplies, toys, and items the animal likes. The items come in handy when you move to your new home to help your pet acclimatize fast. The toys and other items can help reduce nervousness during the relocation trip.

    4. Give Your Pet a House Tour

    Once you set up the main items in your home, get your pet and start a tour of every room. Don’t let the pet roam freely but rather take them to each room and explore.

    If you have set up the pet’s place, introduce the new home gradually during the tour. Don’t rush through the process as you might overwhelm and stress the already frightened animal. Before the tour, try to unpack as much of the familiar house stuff such as furniture to make your pet more comfortable.

    5. Give Extra Love and Care

    Your pet had already settled comfortably into your old home and doesn’t understand the need for the move. To make things easier, show extra affection to ease the pet’s discomfort. If you notice any health complications, contact your vet immediately for advice.

    Every pet is unique and requires tailored attention when you move. The best movers offer specialized services for pets to guarantee safety and comfort in the stressful process.

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