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    Moving is always such a complex event. It comes with a lot of excitement, but also a lot of tasks to do and decisions to make. So having a reliable moving company by your side will help you tremendously. You can contact Fairfax Transfer and Storage if you want to partner up with an experienced company that will be by your side during this transition. And once you decide on the movers you want to hire, you should think about how to pack your clothes and bedding as easily as possible.

    Choosing movers is the first step

    It is so easy when you have someone who recommends you to hire movers. But this is often not the case, so you will have to do your own search. That will take some time, but if your goal is to get yourself some experienced moving help, it is totally worth it. Start with looking for companies that are in the area where you are moving to. For example, if that is Farifax, your search should include moving companies Fairfax VA. Read all you can find about the companies from this area. Find out how long they are on the market. And don’t skip on reading the reviews.

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    Experienced movers will cover every your need.

    Another thing is to look for a specific service because it can change the price. If you are moving within the same area where your home is now, you should search for residential movers in Northern VA. Don’t rush on making this decision. The right moving partner will lift a part of the weight from your shoulders. And you should feel safe with them. So feel free to ask any questions you have. Don’t sign the contract before you get estimates from at least three different moving companies.

    And now, let’s start talking about packing

    Packing is an essential part of moving. And if you get anxious about the idea that you have to pack in boxes your whole life, know that you have an option. You can ask for packing service Northern Virginia based companies. They will know the best and easiest way to do so. And all your items will come to a new location undamaged. But this service will be charged additionally. So expect a higher bill. If your moving budget covers it, it will be fine to get it. This is also a good solution for people who have a tight timeline and it could make a huge change and help you.

    How to pack your clothes and bedding

    When it comes to packing for relocation, if you decide to pack all your items by yourself, you should get some packing material. So order some quality cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and tape, for the start. You could also use some plastic bags for specific kinds of items. The best is to get boxes of different sizes, for an easier packing experience. You will use them also to pack your clothes and bedding. So let’s start with some tips on this.

    pack your clothes and bedding
    We are here to give you tips on how to pack your clothes and bedding.

    Packing your clothes

    Before you start packing, there are some things you can and should do. Make an assessment of your closet. There must be something you don’t use, for years maybe. So take the list of the things you will pack. The rest of it you can donate, sell or recycle. Cardboard boxes are one option for packing. They are really convenient for packing folded clothing. Another option is to get specialized wardrobe boxes. They can come in with hangers so you can put in their clothes that wrinkle easily.

    Other obvious options are suitcases. This is a low-cost way of packing clothes, shoes, and more. If you have suitcases, we will highly recommend using them for the move. Or you can borrow them if you don’t have enough. Duffel bags are also an amazing option for packing shoes. You can also roll your clothes when you use them. Compression or vacuum bags are great, reusable options that will help your clothes to take less space since this is the way you condense clothing and protect them from the elements. Even if you don’t have them already, you can purchase them now. They are a great way to keep your clothes when it is not the season you wear them.

    Tips on packing your beddings

    When the time comes to pack your bedding and linens you should remember to maximize the space inside your boxes. You can do it by compressing items in the boxes frequently by pressing them down and realizing all the trapped air. Also, be careful to skip overpacking boxes. Leave some room at the top so you can create a tight seal with some tape and try to skip on bulging out. You can also use vacuum storage bags since they will shrink everything inside.

    Here are ideas on packing bedding.

    You can use the same technique for blankets and towels that tend to take up a lot of space. But have in mind that you can use them as a packing material. So put aside a few blankets to help you pad boxes, if you need to. Generally, huge boxes will work well for boxes. But also have in mind that they can get heavy quickly. Fold some packing paper over the top before you close the boxes. This will be so useful as a shield against insects and also moisture. Then seal the boxes using packing tape. And label every box according to the bedroom where it belongs. And if you decide to use bedding as cushioning for your fragile items, be sure to write it all on the box.

    Pack your close and bedding with ease now

    We gave you our best tips on how to pack your close and bedding with ease. And if you are following these tips, you should do it in a short time. Your beddings and close will come undamaged and safe to your new home. You can unpack them according to the room where they belong if you wrote in on the box, as we suggested.

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