Packing your bathroom for relocation: 5 simple steps

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    Packing your bathroom for relocation might look like a simple endeavor, but it is not. There are so many items, and each one of them you need to make sure is properly packed. Otherwise, something might break. Or, if it is liquid, it could spill and ruin the content of the box. It is why it is impossible to supply shove everything into bags and ship it to your new address. Likewise, some of the items are probably past the expiration date. So this is a perfect time to declutter and start anew. Fairfax Transfer and Storage would like to share with you five easy steps that will help you pack your bathroom. In no time, you will have everything done and ready for the move.

    Before packing your bathroom for relocation sort through everything

    If you lived in your home for a while, then you probably accumulated a lot of stuff. The same goes for your bathroom. Also, some items are opened and will be impossible to seal tightly so that the residential movers can safely transport them. Therefore before packing your bathroom for relocation, you need to go through everything and decide what is worth keeping. However, do not wait too long to do this because it will take a while to sort it all out. But if you rush, you might miss some items that will just take up the space you need. Likewise, make categories, and put the ones of the same kind together: towels, appliances, medicine, cleaning products, toiletries, and makeup. Once you have everything sorted out, it is easier to pack it.

    Packing your bathroom for relocation is easier if you order toiletries by type

    Decide what to do with unwanted items

    You will quickly know what you do not need anymore. But the question is what to do with all that unnecessary stuff. It would be a waste of money if you professionally pack them for the move. If you have some expired medicine it is best to dispose of them. It is much simpler to buy new ones once you relocate. Since some of your cleaning products are too hazardous to transport, the moving company will refuse to take them. So, remove all the flammable items, have alcohol, and are in cans under pressure. Therefore once you know what you do not need, you can donate them, give them to your family and friends or organize a yard sale.

    Gather all the packing materials for your bathroom relocation

    Packing your bathroom is a bit trickier than the rest of your home because of all the liquids and fragile bottles. Therefore you will need the highest quality packing materials. You can also rent or buy them from your local movers. But if you wish to save some money, then second-hand materials will do. However, check them and ensure they are in good condition and durable. For you do not want them to break in the middle of the relocation. Therefore do not use any cardboard boxes that are not completely dry. Any kind of a wet spot will make them too week to keep all that weight. Often you can find them in local shops, stores, and bars. They usually have a number of them they do not need anymore. Additionally, you will need bubble wraps and duct tape.

    packing materials
    To safely relocate your bathroom make sure you have all the packing materials

    Start packing your bathroom for the relocation

    Once you finished all the sorting and it is time to pack your bathroom. But, avoid packing opened liquid bottles as they will spill on everything inside the box. However, if you have to, make sure to remove any excess air out of them and quickly recap them. Also, use duct tape on the caps to ensure they are secured and will not open. For extra protection, wrap them tightly with a plastic sheet and tape them. That way, if anything leaks, it will stay inside the wrapper. Next, all the fragile items, put in the same box and label it, so the movers know they have to be extra careful. Wrap each item with bubble wrap and fill space between them with old newspapers. Ensure nothing can move and bump into each other.

    Pack all the bathroom essentials before the move

    The most important item you will need for your relocation is the essentials bag. It contains everything you will need for the trip and the first few days in your new home. Because once you arrive, it will take time to unpack everything. Also, you will be tired after the long day, and a shower will be the first thing on your mind. Moreover, if you start packing few weeks in advance, you will need some items so you can live comfortably for a few days before the move. So ask your family members to pack their own bags with all the essentials they will need. Items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels, soap, and shampoo are a must. Do not forget all the other items you use on a daily base like deodorant and makeup. Also, keep all the medication with you.

    a toothbrush
    Do not forget to put your toothbrush in the essentials bag

    Once you know what not to do packing your bathroom for relocation is easy

    When packing your bathroom for relocation, one of the most common mistakes is not being well informed. Because it looks easy, usually people just jump into it and end up making mistakes. With these tips, you will avoid this danger completely. Firstly, make sure you have quality packing materials that will keep your bathroom stuff safe for move. Next, check what items are banned for transport in the State of Virginia and get rid of them. Once you finished separating what you will keep from unnecessary items, start packing your essentials bag. Lastly, make sure you label all the boxes. With that done, you are ready for the relocation to your new home.

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