Should you bargain for a discount during your commercial move?

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    Bargaining for a discount during your commercial move can be a tricky thing. There are many factors that go into the pricing of a moving job, and you don’t want to end up with a bill that’s more than you can afford. However, we aren’t going to tell you what kind of discount is right for you and your business, either. You know your budget better than we do, and you’ll be able to tell when something seems too good to be true. What movers Virginia are going to do is give you some tips on how to get the best possible deal during your move. Read our tips on how to bargain for a discount during your commercial move.

    Bargaining – a part of the business world

    Negotiating is part of the business world—it happens every day when companies make deals with each other. So, when it comes to moving companies, why not take advantage of that? Commercial movers VA start their pricing based on market standards for commercial moving services.  However, you should not be afraid of negotiating. They can drop their price a little bit more—or discount an add-on service like packing or storage. And no matter what you agree on, you will get the same great quality movers and services.


    money pile
    Some people consider that it is normal to bargain for a discount during your commercial move

    Ask for a moving quote first

    You should start by asking for a quote from commercial movers in advance. You want to shop around at different companies and see what everyone offers. Fairfax Transfer and Storage, for example, offers free and non-binding moving quotes VA that will make your budget-making easier. While the prices might seem similar, when comparing quotes look beyond the price and focus on the value each company is offering you.

    Focus on value not on price only

    “Value” can mean more than just price. Maybe your local movers VA have better customer service and is easier to work with than another company that’s cheaper. However, it has bad reviews online. Find out what each company offers and make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. This way you won’t end up stuck with a moving company that won’t show up when they say they will. Or tries to tack on extra fees at the last minute.

    mover in a van
    Even if you want to save money, always focus on value rather than price

    Do your research before bargaining

    Do your research before you bargain for a discount during your commercial move. Know what the average cost of a commercial move and packing services VA is, and decide if that’s in line with what you want to pay. Then, ask for a discount and see what happens. If the movers don’t budge, maybe they can recommend some ways to cut down on costs.

    Reach out to moving companies

    If you are still confused and not sure if you should bargain for a discount during your commercial move, do not be afraid to contact movers. If you have any questions about the moving process, just reach out to them. They will be happy to set up a free consultation and walk you through it.

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