Tips to Help You Relocate With Kids

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    Moving with kids is stressful. However, the right measures will minimize stress. The following tips can help.
    A parent playing with their kid after having found the tips to help you relocate with kids
    One of the best tips to help you relocate with kids is keeping things playful.

    Talk to Them About the Move

    Kids understand much more than most people give them credit for. Don’t leave your kids in the dark about the impending move. Tell them as much as possible about the impending move. Your kids’ ages will determine how much they need to know.

    For example, school-going children need to know that:

    • They will change schools
    • They can still keep in touch with their friends
    • Their new school is just as great as the current school

    You will stress the kids if you spring the move on them at the last minute.

    Involve Them in the Process

    Don’t just tell the kids about the move — involve them in the process. For example, the kids can help you to:

    • Declutter the house
    • Pack your items
    • Clean the house
    • Create a moving checklist

    Again, your kids’ ages determine how much they can do. Don’t hesitate to ask for the children’s opinions on matters that involve them. For example, you shouldn’t get rid of old toys without permission from the children.

    Watch the Kids on Moving Day

    Although you want to involve your kids in the move, you should not let them get in the way of the movers on moving day. The children can get hurt or slow down the work. For example, they can trip on moving tools or equipment.

    Look after the kids if you have settled on a whole-package moving service where the movers handle everything. If not, get a baby sitter to look after and keep the kids busy as the movers work.

    Pack Essentials Separately

    Many movers will advise you to pack your valuables separately and have them with you at all times. Do the same for essential supplies that your kids may need during the move or before you unpack at your destination. Some of the essentials to pack separately include:

    • Warm clothes (the weather might change without warning)
    • Snacks
    • Toiletries
    • First aid kit

    You don’t want to be in a situation where a child is feeling cold, and all the warm jackets or blankets are packed in the moving truck.

    In addition to the essential supplies, pack the kids’ favorite items separately too. In fact, have as many of these items in the car as possible. Stuffed animals, a tablet with games or music, and toys will help you comfort the kid during the move. They can also help you calm the kids when you arrive at your destination.

    Ease the Transition

    Moving is stressful both for adults and kids. Help the kids to ease their transition to their new home. Here are some tips that can help:

    • Prepare the kids rooms before yours
    • Try to make the new kids room to match their old ones
    • Keep to routine as much as possible. For example, if you usually eat dinner together, do it in your new home too
    • Show your kids around the neighborhood
    • Help the kids connect to their old friends

    The children will soon get used to their new home — they may settle in even faster than you.

    Practice Self-care

    Most kids are alert to their parents’ moods. Your stress will affect the kids. Make the relocation as stress-free as possible for yourself, and the kids will benefit too. For example, you should plan the move early, create a moving checklist, and hire professional movers to avoid moving stress.

    Hopefully, the above tips will help minimize moving stress for your kids. Fairfax Transfer & Storage can handle every aspect of your move as you focus on the children. Contact us today for a fair moving quote.

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