Top Office Decluttering Tips Before Moving

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    Moving an office is a long process that involves many tasks.  No matter how big or small your office is, moving your office is going to be time-consuming. Many things need to be done even before the moving day. Finding the right moving and storage Northern Virginia Company is the most important. Once you find reliable, and professional movers that are experienced in commercial moves half of the job is done. Another thing that can make your moving easier is decluttering your office. In order to learn how to declutter effectively read our top office decluttering tips before moving.

    Finding out exactly what you need is one of the important office decluttering tips before moving

    Before you start make a list of things that you use most of the time. Ask yourself: What did you use the most this week? Do this for a week or two and you will have a list of items that you need for your everyday tasks. These are the items that you really need and that are going to be transported to your new office. Moreover, this will help you cut the moving costs a bit. Since the size of the move determines the price of the move with movers Burke VA, the more you declutter the better. So, try to keep this in mind when you start sorting your things, it will help you get rid of those “just in case” things you keep.

    Make an inventory list is one of the office decluttering tips before moving.
    Doing an inventory is one of the best office decluttering tips before moving.

    Make a list of things you are planning to move

    Even if you have a team of commercial movers Northern VA to plan and execute your office move you still need to do an inventory. Movers will help you pack and label all the boxes but your task is to make a list of all the packed things. This list will help you check if all your furniture, documents, and electronics arrived at your new office space. Moreover, another great tip is to take photos of your items before movers start packing them. If anything arrives damaged you will have proof that that specific item was in perfect condition before.

    Make a keep pile and donate pile – office decluttering tips before moving

    After you’ve decided what items you decided to keep separate them from items that you are going to get rid of. On the right side leave the ones that are going to be transferred to the new premises and on the left things that you are not planning to bring to the new place. Don’t hesitate to remove things that don’t serve you and that are duplicates. You can donate them or recycle them in your nearest recycling center. To help you declutter and reduce the number of things to pack, you should consider:

    • Digitalize everything that you can. You probably have piles and piles of documents that can be digitalized.
    • Get rid of prospects and old newspapers that you’ve been keeping all this time. Once you start decluttering, you will realize the number of unnecessary things you have in your office that are just taking up space.
    • Measure your furniture to see if it fits in the future offices if it’s old and it doesn’t fit there is no need to bring it with you.
    Files arranged in chronological order.
    Start by decluttering your files and documents.

    The top office decluttering tip before moving is to declutter one section at a time

    Since decluttering before the moving day is a daunting task that can make you easily overwhelmed do one section at a time.  Decluttering your office as a whole will seem like a never-ending task. However, if you section it, the whole process will go smoothly. You can start by sorting out your drawers, one by one. Finish the section that you have started before you start tackling another one. This will make the process manageable and you will see progress every time you finish one section.

    Get the whole staff involved in this process. They can start by sorting out their desk space. It will be faster and more effective this way. They know exactly what things they need to keep and what things to toss. Furthermore, designate one person to overlook the decluttering process. With a mutual effort, everything will be done sooner than you think.

    Get you a storage unit

    Renting a storage unit is very helpful when decluttering. If you need some time to keep all of your things in a safe space, storage is a great solution. Determine how big of a storage unit you need according to the stuff that you are going to keep there, and give a call to storage services Northern VA. They offer long-term and short-term storage solutions, so you can choose the duration that suits you. Moreover, you don’t have to transfer your belongings yourself the moving company will do that for you.

    A woman carrying a box with office supplies.
    Involve all your employees in the decluttering process, the job will be done faster.

    Get professional help

    Check if your moving company offers junk removal services. They can remove all the things you want to throw away from your office. They will do this fast and you will only need to do things that are actually useful. However, while decluttering make sure not to overdo it. It’s easy to get carried away once you start. So think it through before you throw away something.

    Final tip

    You can have a great office move if you follow our office decluttering tips before moving. With a great moving company by your side and a good organization, you are bound to have an amazing moving experience. Make sure you start decluttering on time, this way you will avoid rushing the whole process. Doing this last minute is not good, so, do yourself a favor and start early in order to have a smooth moving process.

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